Storage & Material Rentals

Are you planning to go abroad for a while? Do you only want to take some of your furniture and belongings with you, yet you still don’t want to get rid of everything? Or, do you have less room at your new premises? Do you still need additional storage capacity? This is no problem at all!

We can safely store any of your furniture, files, household items and office equipment. Our storage facilities are security monitored and all items are stored in a professional manner in accordance with legal requirements. We would be happy to provide further details about the costs involved.

You can also hire or buy packing material from us, e.g. boxes and plastic film. We offer a wide selection of cardboard packaging and boxes in various sizes so that you will find exactly the right packing solution to suit your requirements. Please give us a call and we will be happy to provide all the materials you need for only a small charge.